Yellow Door

History of Yellow Door Cottage


The Yellow Door was first sold as a separate property in 1790 where it was described as part of the houses and yards of the Greengate which belonged to John Murdoch, Comptroller of the Customs at the Port of Kirkcudbright, lying on the west side of the High Street thereof leading from the Cross to the Shore.

These cottages and gardens still look as traditional as they would have in the time of Jessie M King. They housed the students who came to stay during the summer months in Kirkcudbright, and who were taught art techniques by Jessie King  and Ernest Taylor.

The cottages are still referred to by their original names, which relate to the colour of their doors, such as “Yellow Door”, “Red Door” and “Blue Door”.

The Greengate close was used as one of the settings in Dorothy L Sayers film “Five Red Herrings”The lively Kirkcudbright artistic community included painters such as E.A. Hornel, Charles Oppenheimer and E.A. Taylor, and sculptors such as W Miles Johnston.

Greengate Close was mostly occupied by artists who rented their properties from Jessie M King, including her niece Dorothy Rey who was also renowned for owning a pet owl.  The owl entered the property through the little opening window in the front window.

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